Friday, December 08, 2006

How to Make Your First $100 Online in 7 Days or Less

I love this. It is so simple anyone can do it. Try it and then go to the link at the end of the article for "5Bucks a Day "which takes you further into the process of building a substantial online income.

How To Make Your First $100.00 Online In
7 Days Or Less!

By: Gary Baker
Here's how to make your first $100.00 online in 7 days so pay
But first...
The formula I'm about to explain to you is proven, and will
The great part about this formula is, you don't need your own
product or website to get started.
However it will require a little investment of cash on your
part(about $25.00).
But I guarantee you will make a profit of $100.00 within 7 days
IF you really work it and make an effort.
Here's the formula in a "nutshell"...

#1 - Go to ClickBank and register for a free affiliate account

#2 - Go to the ClickBank MarketPlace at:
Once there, you'll want to search through their system and find
e-books that seem to catch your eye.
HINT: Look through the "Fun & Entertainment" section as well as
the "Money & Employment" section.
Look for great products by viewing the web pages of the
If the sales letter looks great, and there are plenty of
testimonials, then sign up as an affiliate.
There's your product AND website!
Not bad so far eh?
Once you get your product, you'll want to check the websites
"affiliate" section and see if they offer pre-written ads
and/or keywords for the product.
If not, no problem... you'll have to write your own...more on
that below.

#3 - Now go start an account with Miva at
You can start with as little as $25.00 to start driving laser
targeted traffic to your new affiliate website/product.
Once inside of your Miva account, you can set up your keywords
by using their search option.
Just type in the most popular keyword for your product and Miva
will find hundreds of targeted keywords for you product.
For instance...
If you've found a product on PSP Games then you'll want to
search for keywords like "psp games", "psp downloads", etc.
Try and place bids for your keywords so they'll be in the
number 3, 4, and 5 spot.
DO NOT WORRY about being #1 in the searches for your keywords.
Actually if you're down lower a bit these visitors seem to be
more "qualified".
You should be able to bid around .20cents per click or so and
do well with that.
Once you start making some sales, you can play around with
bidding more.

#4 - Write a catchy headline for your ad and write some
compelling copy for your product description such as:
Ultimate Games, Movies, Music For Your
PSP! Get all the psp downloads you can
handle. Start here.
Don't forget to put your affiliate URL into the ad.
I suggest you use to shorten and "hide" your
affiliate links.

#5 - Sit back and watch the progress!
If you've picked a great product with a great sales letter, and
your keywords are targeted, you'll get some sales from the
traffic you are purchasing from Miva.
Using this VERY SIMPLE formula you can be actually making money
within 7 days!
And if all goes well, you should be able to make atleast
If not, then you'll need to repeat this formula until you find
a winner.
YES you might need to test.
But it's the ones who test, re-test and test again that are
making the BIG cash!
Once you find a winner, you simply repeat this simple formula
and find another.
Eventually you'll have 20-30 products making you hundreds per
Gary Baker

Learn how Garry earned a $38,000 profit in just
2 months, just days after FIRST developing the
"5 Bucks a Day" strategy!
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let me show you how to make money.

If you want to know how to make money online read Holley's enchanting story. In her words, "If I can do it so can you".

"If you are sick of the run around about making money online or if you have purchased a lot of books that haven't lived up to their "Great Sales Pitch" then you're NOT alone. It can be really frustrating to invest your hard-earned money in a product that is not as described. My name is Holly and I am an Entrepreneur, mother and disabled veteran of the U.S. Army. "Click Here!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Do you realize just how important you are?

Seniors now control 70% of disposable income and spend $7 billion on line each year. This is an increase of 47% since 2000.

There has never been a better time to start generating an online income.

Many seniors on retirement find they would like to do something new, or they need to find additional income to cover things like health care. Or they find their pensions are just not adequate to have even a moderate lifestyle without another income source.

This is where Online Income for Seniors will be able to help.

We have over six years online experience and yes the editor is a senior (only don't tell anybody he thinks he is still in his twenties, mentally if not physically.

So bookmark this site and come back often as we will be showing you how to create an "Online Income for Seniors".

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